Sometimes drummers will poke fun at each other in regards to how many cymbals they use on their drum kit.  One drummer may infer that a fellow player is less skilled by mentioning he has "all of about three cymbals including the hi-hat," while another may insult the use of too many by referring to "so-and-so and his four hundred cymbals."

I might fall somewhere near the extreme of these two parameters.  I don't have four hundred cymbals, but I do have quite a few.  I like to get a wide variety of sounds out of my cymbals, but I can't possibly use all that I own on one kit.  So I collect, I hoard, I switch 'em out from time to time and I don't try to squeeze them all around one set of drums.

In this post I will document all the cymbals currently in my collection.


1 - SABIAN HH (Hand-Hammered) 6" Splash [Brilliant Finish]
2 - SABIAN HH 8" Splash
3 - WUHAN 10" Splash (x2)*
4 - WUHAN 11" Splash
5 - WUHAN 12" Splash
6 - WUHAN 13" Thin Crash
7 - SABIAN HH 15" Medium Thin Crash
8 - SABIAN HH 16" Extra Thin Crash
9 - SABIAN HH 16" Medium Thin Crash
10 - SABIAN HH 18" Thin Crash
11 - ZILDJIAN A. 20" Ride

*NOTE: All Wuhan splashes/crashes have "Brilliant" finish.


1 - LUDWIG 10" 'Sock Hats'
2 - ZILDJIAN A. 12" Hi-Hats
3 - SABIAN HH 13" Regular Hi-Hats


1 - SABIAN HH 10" China Kang [Brilliant Finish]
2 - WUHAN 12" Authentic Chinese Cymbal
3 - WUHAN 15" Authentic Chinese with rivets
4 - SABIAN HH 16" Chinese
5 - ZILDJIAN A. 18" Swish
6 - ZILDJIAN A. 18" China with rivets
7 - ZILDJIAN A. 17.5" Pang
8 - ZILDJIAN A. 18" Pang
9 - ZILDJIAN A. 22" Swish Knocker

So that's all the cymbals I have.....right now.  Reviewing this list I can see one glaring problem: I only have ONE ride cymbal.  I might have to remedy that situation.  I'm thinking 20" Ping.....

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