This is another set of antique Deagan tubular chimes that I have restored.  This set has a military theme, providing the four notes necessary to play standard bugle calls: Taps, Reveille, Tattoo, Church and Flag.  In this case the backboard was in good condition and did not have to be rebuilt.  All that I had to do was disassemble the chimes, have them sandblasted to restore their original shine, and then put them back together.


I did have to spend some time cleaning up the backboard because a previous owner had splattered paint on it, but other than that it was good to go.  The felt supports were also left untouched except for a minor cleaning.  All the felt and rubber gaskets were replaced, and the plates between the chimes were sandblasted to clean them up and make them more smooth and legible.  Now I have this beautiful set of solid brass chimes to add to my other set.

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