I have been very busy as of late, engaged in my own version of American Restoration.  You know that show on the History Channel where the guy restores old vending machines, jukeboxes and stuff?  No?  Oh well.  Anyway, I recently acquired an antique set of Deagan Altar Chimes for a pretty penny on eBay.  The auction was a nail-biter but I was victorious so now I have this AWESOME set of tubular chimes.

In the photo on the right you can see that this instrument was in sad shape when it arrived, especially the wooden backboard.  It appeared that someone had severely neglected this valuable gem.  The wood was chipped, peeling and faded.  The brass chimes were quite aged with patina.  Despite this, the tubes still produced a wonderful sound.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and return this very unique piece to its original splendor and glory.

No need to go into a long, drawn-out explanation of how I went about accomplishing my goal.  Here is the reveal:

I am sure you are impressed, as am I.  I can't believe I actually pulled this off.

Special thanks to Metal Plating Company of West Columbia and Hinson Cabinet Company, who did all the real work for me.  Now this beautiful chime set can be added to the Percussion Fortress.

Here is a better look at these chimes close up:


germangroovology said...

It's really cool that you not only won the bid, but that you decided to work on restoring these chimes. They look great. They sound great.

I also couldn't help but notice the intervals are the same as the chimes used for the "NBC" tones (although yours are tuned nearly a 1/2 step higher). And I even found this article that I thought you might enjoy reading.

the misplacedmtnman said...

As a matter of fact, it was Mr. J.C. Deagan, the most prominent manufacturer of "dinner chimes," that made the chimes used for the NBC chimes!

Not covered in this post is the fact that I have also acquired ANOTHER set of "Military Chimes" made by Deagan that consists of the four notes needed to play Taps, Reveille and other bugle calls. The set is very similar to the "Altar Chimes" and the two sets combined give me seven notes with which I can play. I have already mastered "Amazing Grace" and it sounds awesome!